What can worldwise do for development practitioners?

        We have observed the dilemmas facing development practitioners; designing and planning projects under extreme time pressure, whilst having to meet high standards of efficiency and effectiveness can be challenging enough. Simultaneously development practitioners are required to consider the plethora of culturally relevant variables that often determine the success or failure of a project.

        Meanwhile, all over the world anthropologists are busy conducting long-term, in-depth research on particular regions, societies or topics. Worldwise aims to facilitate and accelerate the transfer of valuable knowledge from anthropologists to development practitioners by linking them up directly.

        The idea of worldwise is simple: provide a platform for development practitioners to tap into the expert knowledge of anthropologists through direct communication. As a result, projects will be better-adapted to the local context. We are particularly interested in promoting collaboration at the design stage of a project to reduce the dreaded unintended impacts.

How does worldwise work?

        Worldwise provides two key tools; an interactive map and a region specific discussion forum. Both tools make it easy to access anthropologists according to region or field of expertise. At the moment we are still developing these tools, however if you would like to be notified of our launch then we kindly ask you to fill out this registration form.