What can worldwise do for anthropologists?

        We believe that anthropologists have a lot to contribute to development work, but that their knowledge and skills are still underrepresented within the industry. The demand for anthropological expertise is growing, but links between the two fields are still weak. While an informal network faciliates collaboration between a small number of anthropologists and development practitioners, most anthropologists are still out of the reach of development agencies, especially academics and those currently conducting field research.

        We aim to address these issues with two tools; an interactive map and a discussion forum. We envisage that the interactive map will formalise collaboration between anthropologists and development practitioners. Meanwhile the discussion forum will provide space for both anthropologists and development practitioners to debate the role of anthropology in development. By joining worldwise you can be involved in shaping how anthropologists collaborate with development practitioners.

What happens if I join worldwise?

        By filling out the profile registration form, we can create a profile for you which we link to your country/countries of expertise. Development practitioners who are looking for a regional expert will be able to access your profile and contact you via email.

        By joining the discussion forum and specifying that you are happy to be updated about discussions on your region of expertise, you will receive notifications of debates that are taking place on your region. If you are based in the field, we can send you the notifications via SMS.

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